About Us


B. Keith Simerson, Ed.D. has broad-based and multifaceted experience; he: 

  • Gained industry experience functioning as an executive in two multi-site health care systems, an oil and gas giant, a municipal police department, and a state criminal justice agency.
  • Has more than two decades of experience providing consultation, executive coaching, and strategic conversation/meeting facilitation to global Fortune 500 corporations, leading professional services firms, top-tier colleges and universities, NGOs, and professional associations. 
  • Is an instructor in Northwestern University’s MSLOC program where he teaches graduate-level courses in strategic leadership. 
  • Owns a small consulting practice and is affiliated with several management consulting firms.

B.K. has provided consultation, strategic meeting facilitation, training, and executive coaching to institutions of post-secondary education, branches of the U.S. military, foreign and U.S. government agencies, professional services firms, and to clients in the automotive, heavy construction, electronics, industrial supplies, heavy machinery, rubber, paper, medical devices, energy, food processing, engineering, business-to-business merchandising, chemical, theatrical production, product design, manufacturing, publishing, and hospitality industries.

B.K. has helped develop and implement a strategic plan for a $6 billion professional services firm, led integration teams for the merger of two oil and gas industry giants, helped a leading management consulting firm implement a new approach to consulting, helped refine the client consulting framework and create an electronic "consulting toolkit" for a “Big-5” professional services firm, established internal-consulting organizations in two leading health care systems, helped lead an internal-consulting organization within a $40 billion oil/gas company, served as a global HR leader in a top-tier professional services firm, and has provided strategic leadership coaching and consultation to executives in a variety of industries. His work has impacted organizations in a significant way: he helped an oil and gas company realize double-digit $MM savings on costs associated with its supplemental workforce; B.K. helped a tertiary care medical center attain double-digit gains in its patient satisfaction ratings; he helped an internal consulting organization, while maintaining headcount, realize double-digit gains in efficiencies. 

B.K. has consulted, advised, and presented throughout the United States and in Great Britain, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Bermuda, Singapore, Iraq, Poland, France, and the Netherlands.