Why Us?

B.K. serves as a trusted business advisor to business executives, consulting firm partners, military flag officers, college and university presidents, and NGO and association directors. He applies research results, university learnings, and insights gained from years of practical experience to varying situations and circumstances within a multitude of organizational contexts and business environments. 

B.K. does not offer “canned, off-the-shelf” solutions. Based on what he learns about your organization and leadership team--combined with his knowledge, experience, and how he typically works with his clients--B.K. will help you and your leadership team:

  • Analyze the external competitive environment and your internal capabilities.
  • Review and validate/revise the previous SWOT analysis.
  • Review and confirm your vision statement
  • Review and validate/revise the current strategic direction and plans.
  • Define or confirm the critical few that will take the company to the next level.
  • Review and validate/revise tactical plans.
  • Plan for contingencies.
  • Identify and address gaps and blind spots.
  • Review and refine your dashboard of key metrics. 
  • Determine key leadership behaviors.
  • Set the stage for broad-based support through the development/implementation of a communication plan.
  • Involve key members of the organization in the process.
  • Ensure flawless execution through use of Strategy Review Sessions and Check-Point Meetings.

B.K. is affiliated with several management consulting firms and networks with leading scholars, scientists, and researchers. If the nature and/or scope of your need requires additional resources B.K. can call upon the support and assistance of trusted thought leaders and associates.